Tree Trimmers

Houston, with its high winds and frequent storms, regular sees its trees toppled. Whether you need tree trimmers for help after a storm or want to trim back your trees, we can help! We specialize in tree trimming, tree removable, trunk removal, pruning, and emergency tree removals. In short, we are tree trimming experts!

Houston Tree Trimmers – Landscape Artists

Is your yard looking a little shaggy? Are your trees overgrown? Are branches scraping your home’s roof? Count on us to transform your landscape and protect your home from potential damage due to a toppled tree, fallen branch, or excessive scraping on the building.

Our tree trimmers are skilled workers and trained arborists who follow all safety precautions while also applying appropriate trimming techniques for the type of tree being trimmed. Whether your trees need to be trimmed, pruned, topped, shaped, or removed, we have the experience and artistry to do the job properly.
Houston Tree Trimmers – Emergency Responders

In addition to providing landscaping tree trimming services, Houston Tree Trimmers also serve as emergency responders. Downed trees and branches are dangerous! Not only do they cause property damage, they also block roads and potentially limit the effectiveness of paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and power workers. Whether a tree has fallen on your house or is blocking a roadway, count on us to promptly respond.

Wildfire Prevention – Brush Clearing

Concerned about wildfires? Clearing brush and trimming trees are two important measures that you can take to minimize the risk. Houston Tree Trimmers offers brush clearing services as well as tree trimming and removal service.

Why Choose Houston Tree Trimmers?

We are tree trimming professionals who follow all arborist standards and ensure the integrity of all trees that we trim. We do not “spike” the trees under our care. Rather, we will climb your tree using robe climbing techniques or trim the tree from a bucket truck. We care about trees and understand that we are working on majestic, living beings.

We also understand what trees need and use appropriate pruning techniques, giving your tree the right amount of trimming for optimal health without adversely stunting its growth or causing harm.

Houston Tree Trimmers also respect your property, taking care not to damage other landscaping or your home in the process of trimming back branches or removing trees. After our trimming and removal job is complete, we cleanup the area thoroughly.

Our company has its roots in the mid-1980s , starting back in 1984 with a two-man team. Currently, six tree trimmers make up our Houston tree trimming team. Everyone on the crew is a U.S. citizen dedicated to providing Houston property owners with complete tree trimming satisfaction.

Performing dangerous work such as tree trimming and removal has its risks and requires specialized equipment and skilled tree trimmers. Count on the pros at Houston Tree Trimmers to do the job safely and correctly. For added peace of mind, we carry general liability and worker’s comp insurance.