Power Tree Trimmer

Houston Tree Trimmers is a full service tree trimming company that specializes in residential and commercial tree service. Whether your trees are overgrown, sickly, or becoming a hazard, you can count on complete customer service when you hire us.

Tree Trimming Services

We can help you with a full menu of tree trimming services including:

  • Decorative pruning
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Structural pruning
  • Rose and vine pruning
  • Tree trimming
  • Top trimming
  • Crown renewal and trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Branch removal
  • Dead wood removal
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Bush removal/clearing
  • Crane and bucket truck services
  • Emergency tree removal service
  • Complete customer satisfaction from your first call to the cleanup

We can also provide you with organic mulch and wood chips. If you want to keep some of the logs as firewood, we can arrange for that as well.

How to Tell You Need Tree Trimmers

Your trees have been growing without much interference on your part for years, if not decades, so how do you know when you need help for your Houston trees? Your trees will often give you clues that it’s time for a trim. Contact Houston Tree Trimmers when you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Falling branches
  • Excessive growth threatening fences, roofs, power lines, or other structures
  • Decay on branches or trunks
  • Unhealthy leaves, leaves that fall prematurely
  • Cracks or splits
  • Uprooting
  • Fungus
  • Termite activity

The most obvious sign that you need Houston Tree Trimmers is when a tree has toppled or a branch has fallen. Less obvious are the species of trees that need regular pruning for optimal health or more bountiful crops.

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